Newbie Question: Which version of RHEL is needed

Hi All,
I wanted to experiment with CUDA and bought a EVGA e-GEForce 8800 GT card. But unfortunately I found that Win2k3 is not supported (for some strange reason, I use 2k3 as dev platform).

Now, want to install Linux. But EVGA does not have Linux drivers. Are there any Linux drivers available from NVidia for GEForce 8800 GT card?

Also, is there any free distribution of linux which can be downloaded and installed and that supports GEForce 8800 GT Card? If not, whats the minimum version of RHEL required to use the drivers and card mentioned.

Your inputs will be of great help!

[url=“CUDA Toolkit 11.7 Update 1 Downloads | NVIDIA Developer”][/url]

Netllama, Thankyou for the reply!

I had gone through the link. But I was not sure, if they would work with EVGA e-GeForce card.

Do those links have details about Minimum version requirements of RHEL?


With CUDA, I’ve used:

Fedora 7
Fedora 8
Fedora 9
Ubuntu 7.04
Ubuntu 7.10
Ubuntu 8.04
OpenSUSE 10.3
OpenSUSE 11

in various degrees of 32 and 64-bitness. Stick to one of the supported distributions–Fedora 8 or Ubuntu 7.10 is probably your best choice among them for ease of use for new Linux users–and you should have no problems.

Thankyou Murray! I have started work on Ubuntu 7.10.

Regarding your EVGA question. For Linux there is only one driver that works for all NVIDIA based cards regarles of the card assembler.Well, at least as long as we are talking about current cards.

Thankyou Marix! I was so curious to experiment that I did not do any research before buying the card. As someone said in another post ‘Oh well! Live and Learn!’

Here is a guide for setting up cuda in Ubuntu 8.04, hopefully it will help. Good luck!