Newbies in Jetson OS deploy and setup


I’m looking for a few specific things

  • Create a deployable image for install multiple jetsons ( ? how?)
  • My OS should have pre defined packages (how can i do that?)
  • My OS should as light as possible

I’m posting my questions in order to someone to help me to short my learning curve, because it’s taking me forever to achieve it.

I already used the SDKM in Ubuntu 18, but it leaves me with very little remaining free space. I’m using the AAEON BOXER-2881Ai Jetson nano module with EMMC 16GB storage.

Will appreciate very much the procedures

hello marcel.builes,

you may refer to Flashing and Booting the Target Device chapter for some basic of board flashing.
you should use image cloning to back-up the system.img from the filesystem partition you want to flash from.
there’s to enable users to do simultaneous flashing to multiple target devices.