Newby: No such file or directory error & how to return to DLI course pages from Jupyter

  1. Starting Jetson course S1 but I have done something and lost access to my USB camera. !ls -ltrh /dev/video* returns Cannot access ‘dev/video*’: No such file or directory. How can I get access again to the USB camera?

  2. At the end of a Jupyter notebook session, how do I return to the DLI course pages?

Help on either or both problems very much appreciated. Bob

Hi @user58062, generally you will want to restart the container if you lost access to your USB camera. To exit the container, go back to the terminal you started the container from and press Ctrl+D. Then run your script again that you used to start the container.

Also, outside of the container you may want to check that your USB camera is still connected:

$ ls -ll /dev/video*

These are just viewed from your web browser, so just go back to the tab in your browser which was viewing the DLI course page.

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