newest version of opensm routing engine descriptions?

I’m looking for a technical or in-depth description of some of the newer routing engines. I think we’re up to a dozen now?

something like but more up to date.

I did a bit of perusing the manuals and the OF site and couldn’t find anything that covered the latest engines.


Chain routing is supported by MLNX OpenSM and not upstream OpenSM. There is doc/routing-chains.txt which is available with MOFED. REC (routing engine chains) also documented in the MLNX OFED User Manual.

Hi Ed,

The latest current-routing.txt doc can be found as: Git - ~halr/opensm.git/blob - doc/current-routing.txt;a=blob;f=doc/current-routing.txt;h=0bacd1e649b843373e51159c0fb42a8b58bb377d;hb=HEAD

Which routing engines are available will depend on OpenSM version used.

Are there specific engine(s) you are interested in ?


– Hal

Specifically chain. Which should be older that Dec/17 and seems to be missing from all the docs I’ve seen. Mellanox has suggested we use this due to our layout, and I could not find a description.