Next Release of Jetpack

Any ideas when the next Jetpack version (3.3) will be relesed ?
Because there is an new version of opencv but also protobuf. Mainly it is hard to compile gstreamer, there is also a new version of it which needs some parts of protobuf.

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Hi markus.gruber4, at this time there aren’t publicly released plans or details available about the next version of JetPack.
In the meantime, we recommend that you compile the version of OpenCV/ect. that you require from source.
There are directions for how to compile GStreamer in the documentation, however we are still checking out the latest version.

Please, oh please, make sure 3.3 is based on Ubuntu 18.04, or some other modern Linux release.

mainly the problem is just that protobuf is used in different software components, it is also used in Gstreamer and OpenCV. For example the library libmirprotobuf uses Protobuf but i think old versions which is also used in GStreamer. So there are sometimes some sideffects. Protobuf on Jetson must also have at least the same version of the training system. So there should be some recommendations which software version should be used on the training system to get not in some conflicts.

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Protobuf are forwards/backwards compatible, although the software that reads/writes them may use certain features that are only available on later versions (like “binary” instead of “string” – which still are the same in file / on wire.)

The biggest SNAFU is that the Ubuntu system ships a shared library which includes C++ symbols hard-coded to the GCC 4 ABI. This means you have to be really careful if you want to build a newer version of protobuf for other software – ideally, re-name all the libraries to something like “libmyprotobuf” so there’s no confusion.

But, if you do this, it’s totally possible to build your own protobuf, and have the other software you build (such as opencv and caffe) point at your own protobuf, not the one in the system. I’ve done it to build caffe2, for example.