Nexus 7 - Model # ME370T - Need Help Unbricking

Hello All,

I think I need to generate the SBK keys to get my ME370T unbricked.

I have tried it - but am not sure I am doing this correctly.
I have also used the nvsbktool.exe and nvsecuretool.exe to try and make the correct bct and bootloader image files but I keep getting the ‘Command send failed (usb write failed)’ error:

flash.exe --wait --bct flash_encrypt_encrypt.bct --setbct --odmdata 0x40098008 -
-configfile flash.cfg --create --bl bootloader_encrypt.bin --go
Nvflash 3.10.1700 started
chip uid from BR is: 0x0000000000000000015d28569018120c
rcm version 0X4
Command send failed (usb write failed)

The SBK key I have is: 0x76B66E00 0x6B991000 0x6362F302 0x9C266D03
The Chip UID is: 0x0000000000000000015d28569018120c (according to the above).

What is the correct chip N? 0x30? I am not sure if I have that correct.

I can get the Nexus 7 to boot with either the APX driver or the NVIDIA USB boot recovery driver for mobile devices - either one seems to work for this.

So, any help appreciated as I would like to unbrick this Nexus 7.

Thanks In Advance,


Maybe this is correct:

0x54955100 0x761CD506 0x7EE73604 0xBE055203

hi jwest,
is your issue resolved ?


No, it isn’t.