Nexus 7 support?

Are there any plans to support profiling applications on the Nexus 7? I thought I’d give it a try, but it fails when launching the application with Internal Error “Dynamic exception type: class AlibError std::exception::what: Hardware check error”. It might be nice to make it a little more clear on the website which applications are supported on what platforms if this device isn’t fully supported.

Yes - look for something in early December.

Cool, thanks for the speedy reply!

while we wait the december release, is there no alpha version or a quick hack to enable nexus7 profiling with current profiler 1.0 version ?

you could update this page which says it is already available.


great point - page updated!

it’s not quite ready for public release - we want to make sure you guys have the best experience and don’t walk away disappointed :-)

It is a bit past mid December and there still has not been any news as far as I can tell, the profiler still doesn’t work on my Nexus 7 and PerfHUD 1.9.7 doesn’t support it either. Meaning no frame profiler as well… Can you give any information on progress sjones ?


do you still plan a release in december ?

obviously promising specific dates is a bad idea ;-)

it should be available soon

Any eta on this? Need Android Nexus 7 native debugging on a Mac with eclipse ASAP. Is there some other way to do Nexus 7 debugging on a Mac, or do I have to litter my code with printfs to see what is going on?

for debugging you can use NVDM that’s part of the TADP download and/or use the new eclipse debugging from google.

or is this for profiling?


still no scheduled release data for tegra profiler or a patch that makes it work on nexus7 ?


not yet - it requires a new OS Image for the Nexus7 and we’re still working out the details

does the new tegra profiler 1.2 supports nexus7 ?

yes, but root access is required - let me see if i can get a writeup on how to make it work on the nexus7

I gained root access for my nexus7, but still couldn’t get it to work with the tegra profiler 1.2. Is there something else I need to change?


yes - please message me and i’ll provide instructions offline

Why not post the instructions on the board ? I’ve been waiting on this to do some profiling but I’ve moved on to other things but it’ll still be nice to know whenever I get back to it.

we’re waiting to post the required files - trying to finalize now

Is there any news on this? I’ve also run into some performance issues on the Nexus 7 and would love to be able to take an in depth look at it with a profiler.

you may download latest TDAP, from, after install you will have Perfhudes/Tegra-profiler support package, find the doc Nexus7_Deployment.docx, following the instructions, and you can profile now.