NGX and AWS Graphics Instances

Are any AWS (or other) cloud graphics instances capable of running the NGX SDK samples? Thanks!

I tried at AWS & GCP. I did not try on Azure though.
But I was not able to compile it with Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019. I tried to manually recover links and unpack, as the installer did not work on Windows server platform, but still, it would stuck building on missing some library file that I did not find a place from where is being called in the source code.
Are there built files? or some options for getting it running on Windows Server?
Upd1: after installing Tesla drivers it seems that installer installs the sdk;
trying with visual studio 2019
Upd: I managed to build irs.exe into the Debug folder;
However, when I run it with arguments it would crash. saying it can not initialize NGX
Update: Worked on GCP Quadro vWS; Allows to do upscale 2x and 4x