NGX Failure: -1160773631 In function, CNGXSloMo::InitializeSloMo

Running on 2080 ti and latest drivers. Just built the samples and attempting to run them. This was working before but now all of them fail to initialize the same way. Here’s the full error code:

slomo --input test.mp4 --output uptest.mp4 --frames 2

NVIDIA NGX Video SloMo Sample
[INFO ][14:57:58] Media format: QuickTime / MOV (mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2)
Session Initialization Time: 23 ms
NGX Failure:  -1160773631 In function, CNGXSloMo::InitializeSloMo In file, c:\programdata\nvidia corporation\nvidia ngx sdk.1\samples\ngx samples\ngx slomo\cngxslomo.h at line, 102
Session Deinitialization Time: 4 ms

Has anyone come across this issue before. Built with Visual Studio 2019.

Blew everything away and did a clean install and build and now its working. Not sure what the problem was for future people reading this.

Second update: I was trying to run the executable through a remote desktop session. That’s what was causing it to fail. Closing the remote connection, physically going over to the machine and rerunning the same exact command made it work. Anyone know why having an open RDC would cause this failure?