NGX function profiling

I am trying to profile some AI module based on NGX (NVIDIA NGX Technology - AI for Visual Applications | NVIDIA Developer) which could integrate AI algorithm into rendering pipeline, and I could get some profiling data using NSight Graphics. But when I try to use the NSight Compute to analyze the AI module, I could not capture any kernel information, so I’m wondering whether I could use NSight Compute to profile the AI function based on NGX?


You can profile the NGX features which use CUDA (such as DLISR - Image Super-Resolution) using Nsight Compute.
You can use Nsight Systems to first check if any CUDA kernels are launched. After that you can use Nsight Compute to profile and analyze a CUDA kernel.

Hi Sanjiv,

Thanks for the reply.

For my case, when using NSight Graphics, I could see that there is a compute shader which contains NVSDK_NGX_D3D12_XXX APIs, so it seems that my target NGX algorithm runs on the compute shader.
The NGX could only use one of compute shader and CUDA at the same time, and if I found it already use compute shader, I could only use NSight Graphics, for the NSight Compute only works for CUDA kernels, not the compute shaders, right?

That is correct Nsight Compute only works for CUDA kernels and not for compute shaders.