NI USB AD 6810 on Nvidia Jetson Plattform

Hello everyone!

I have a Labview application which reads the NI USB AD 6810 card with multiple sensors on a windows machine.
In 6-12 month I need to migrate the whole thing to a smaller plattform, so I thought of the nvidia jetson (nano or tx2) because I have some of them laying around.
Has anyone done something similar and could point me into the right direction?
An alternative would be to read the USB AD card with c or c++ (evtually python?) directly on linux, but as far as I have seen, there is no support for ubuntu based OS for the NI USB AD 6810.

Thanks in advance for any help!

By default we support USB cameras with UVC driver and do frame capturing through v4l2. You may check if the device driver supports this.

If the driver is ready, please check steps in
Jetson Nano FAQ
Q: I have a USB camera. How can I launch it on Jetson Nano?

Hi DaneLLL,

as I see, the v4l2 is a video driver. I’m i right?
We use multiple sensors (temperature, optical sensor to measure chemical substances, etc) so I don’t think the AD card will support the v4l2 :/

But thanks for the idea!

Did not realize it is a thermal sensor. The suggestion is for video frame capturing. Not proper for this device. Would need other users to share experience.

Just saw that I have placed the wrong numbers into the heading.
The USB AD Card is the: NI USB AD 6210