NIC direct assignment to Guest

Hello everyone,
I am trying to assign the integrated ethernet card to guest. It’s surprising that NIC is not a PCI device but an integrated transceiver ISA (RTLK8211FDI) so VFIO wouldn’t work. Is there any other way to assign the NIC to my guest directly?

Hi reswara1,

Sorry for the late response, may I know whether this is still an issue to support or you have managed to resolved it?

Hey Kayccc,
Thank you so much for responding.
I couldn’t find any ways to assign NIC directly to the guest. As the NIC is not a PCI device, I have no idea how to do it without VFIO.
I would really appreciate it if I could get your thoughts on it.

Hi reswara1,

I also have no idea how to do that, may other developers share experiences if they done something similar.