Nioh 2 Steam/Proton freezes on Nvidia 555.58, not on 550.67


I use lawbc (a wayland compositor) on a Fedora 40 install; everything works great. But when the RPMFusion 555.58 package was installed, I noticed that Nioh 2 (played on Steam through Proton Experimental, or GE-Proton-9) freezes after 15 or 20 minutes playing. I had never had this problem, and indeed reverting to 550.67 solved the problem. I tried again with 555.58 after a Proton update, but the freeze showed up again. None of my other games (Nioh 1 on EGS/Heroic with GE-Proton-9, Warframe through Steam) has the same problem. What can I do to get logs that would allow me to pinpoint the issue (wheter it is Proton or Nvidia). Thanks!