NITROS Bridge Support on Jetson Orin AGX

Hi, I am looking into using NITROS Bridge on the Jetson Orin AGX to accelerate image processing related tasks. We currently use ROS1 and would be using the isaac_ros_nitros_bridge_ros1 interface provided. But on the documentation page it is currently mentioned that NITROS Bridge is not supported on Jetson platforms.

Isaac ROS NITROS Bridge does not yet support Jetson platforms.

Someone raised a similar issue on the Github page where they mentioned

Nvidia developers at GTC2024 last week, said this package should be usable on Jetson as long as the bridge converter node running in the same process.

So, could you let me know if NITROS bridge is supported on Jetpack 5.1.2 Orin AGX?

Hi @not_a_bot

Currently, the Isaac ROS 1 bridge package, isaac_ros_nitros_bridge_ros1, is not compatible with Jetson platforms in Isaac ROS 2.0

Hi @Raffaello ,

Sad to hear that. Is there any plans or timeline you could share when this would be supported?

In our next release, NITROS Bridge does work on both Jetson and x86_64, but ROS Noetic itself is not supported on Ubuntu 22.04/Jammy (Jetpack 6). As a result, we have not been able to run Noetic/Humble together yet to be able to test the “with Noetic” part of “NITROS Bridge on Jetson”.

okay. also @hemals, do you mean next release of Jetpack or next release of package (as in github)?

Hi @not_a_bot

@hemals was saying from the next Isaac ROS release


Would a custom noetic-humble bridge work? I have my custom humble-noetic bridge and I want to bridge topics from noetic stack as input to ROS2 (ISAAC ROS) and also bridge the output from (ISAAC ROS) ROS2 to Noetic stack. Ofcourse, this would sacrifice the NITROS features. But, Is this a work around or would it still not work?