Nivida GPU tesla M2070 with IBM Blade Server HS22

I have a NVIDIA Tesla M2070 GPU attached with IBM Blade server HS22
after i installed nivida driver 295.73 for winserv2008r2-64bit, and when try to open the nivida control panel I get this error:

Nivida Display settings are not available, you are not currently using a display attached to an Nivida GPU

and when I disabled the built-in video adapter and trying to access Nivida Control panel through the remote desktop session, I get the folloeing error :

Nivida Display settings are not available when using the remote desktop connection

any Ideas


I think you can only use the local gpu for display and you can not use the remote/server one. Besides, there are certain types of GPUs are targeted for scientific computing only, like Tesla. But I don’t know how to fix your problem.

Here are some pointers for being able to use GPUs over remote desktop for compute: CUDA over remote desktop blog posts