No 1920x1080 resolution when autologon windows user in AWS g4dn instances

We use Packer to create Windows (server 2019) AMI’s for launching on AWS g3.
We need Grid driver because our application need directx/directdraw.
Setup contains an autologon user, which does screengrabbing in 1920x1080 resolution.
This works fine on g3 instances !

But on g4dn.4xlarge i cannot get it to work, the autologin user has no 1920x1080 capabilities after reboot.
When i login with RDP, with this user, things work.
But need it to work without manual logging in after a reboot.

Tried several versions of the grid driver , and even latest gaming driver, but all seem to have this issue.
Why does this work on g3 and not on g4 ?