No A02 SO_DIMM pinout

I have bought some Jetson nano(SD slot) and corresponding carrier board(180-13449-DAAF-A02).
Referring to your product design guide, we design our own carrier board.Now, our jetson nano can boot up(system log printed via uart2),but for peripheral interface,only IIC and usb works well.As for MDI uart1 uart2,we need to jump wire to make it work successfully.
We use multimeter to test the pin definition, we found errors about HDMI MDI uart1 uart2 IIC0,and wanted to get a doc about A02 pinout to check our results.
Wheather we should throw our A02 board to garbage as A02 board incompatiable with product design,and buy the b01(emmc) board?

Hi, A02 devkit is just for development, not for product design. All custom design should be following the reference docs in DLC which is only for B01 version board.

In current times , we just bought A02.
As you say, if we want to design our own carrier board, we bought B01 directly.What’s the meaning of A02?

A02 is only for development. Custom board should basic on current supply in DLC.

It’s pointless.
Why don’t you sell B01 directly?