No ability to download kit in OV for linux?

Hi all - I am successfully using OV Create on linux (Ubuntu 20.10; RTX3090; driver 460.73.01). However, I would like to create my own OV app – as far I know, creating an app requires Kit.

Despite the documentation stating that Kit is supported in Linux, I cannot seem to download it. The Launcher shows Kit as an App, but does not provide any sort of install button (and says that it is only supported in Windows). I assume a Linux version must exist somewhere, as linux versions of other kit-based apps (such as Kaolin) exist.

Two questions:

  1. Will Kit be supported in Linux? If so, how does one access it?

  2. If Kit is not supported in Linux, how can we create a custom App using various OV components?

Thanks, and sorry for the noob question!


Hi wingated, I have the same questions as yours. Have you got more info about these questions?
Thank you.

The Kit SDK is also availble on Linux but that standalone version was not published. at the moment the best way to get the latest SDK for Linux is to download the Latest version of Create ( 21.1.x) for Linux and this include the Kit SDK

for 21.3 ( the next release ) we will make sure Kit version 102 is publish in the launcher too

I realized the same thing. I found what I needed in