No ability to download kit in OV for linux?

Hi all - I am successfully using OV Create on linux (Ubuntu 20.10; RTX3090; driver 460.73.01). However, I would like to create my own OV app – as far I know, creating an app requires Kit.

Despite the documentation stating that Kit is supported in Linux, I cannot seem to download it. The Launcher shows Kit as an App, but does not provide any sort of install button (and says that it is only supported in Windows). I assume a Linux version must exist somewhere, as linux versions of other kit-based apps (such as Kaolin) exist.

Two questions:

  1. Will Kit be supported in Linux? If so, how does one access it?

  2. If Kit is not supported in Linux, how can we create a custom App using various OV components?

Thanks, and sorry for the noob question!


Hi wingated, I have the same questions as yours. Have you got more info about these questions?
Thank you.