No acknowledgement from 0X30 while using gst-launch-1.0(Gstreamer)

I am Working on Jetson Xavier Trying to write data through i2c to a evaluation board but getting an error

"tegra-i2c c240000.i2c: no acknowledgement from address 0X30 "


while using gst-launch-1.0
it exits with error
"dmabuf_fd -1 mapped entry not found "
"can not get HW buffer from FD… Exiting… "
"ERROR: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstNvArgusCameraSrc:nvarguscamerasrc0:CANCELLED "
but it works completely fine with i2cset command
“i2cset -f -y c240000.i2c 0X0030 0x0033 0x01”
Thank you in Advance