No audio from iClone to Machinima

Hello world!

I just learned in few hours to use iClone to:
import perfect custom CC character
added actorcore movement to it and tweaked the moving characters hand position
installed Replica studios and made my first female wav
imported wav and made a lipsync & updated that to acculips
installed Live motion
connected my iPhone and recorder a facial expression OVER the talking character
used face puppet feature to animate the eyeballs ( look direction )
installed my iClone7 3D Exchange Pipeline
installed OV iClone7 connector
exported the full thing to USD
opened that in Machinima

What a software! Everything was so easy and intuitive :)
But now I see there is no audio in Machinima. Why?
When I do lipsync with native A2F, I can hear the wav playing.
I also see that in the official video about this OV iClone7 connector, the sound is missing in OV.

So I have to use other audio daw to re-sync the audio and make my audiowork, right?

Hello @pekka.varis! I’m not sure if this is an issue with iClone or Machinima, but I messaged the Machinima team for more information on this.

Hi @pekka.varis, @WendyGram
iClone connector currently won’t send audio file to Machinima.

for now, in iClone, you can click export video ➔ select “.wav” format to export audio file and import it to Machinima

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