No aufs drive space when downloading Jetpack 4.4.1

I am trying to download Jetpack 4.4.1 and whenever I begin the download, it says there is not enough disc space on the aufs drive and the download never completes. The USB drive I am downloading to has enough space (128 GB). I am booting my windows machine from a separate USB drive that is running Ubuntu 16.04.

I cannot get past step 2 here: Install Jetson Software with SDK Manager :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation

I’m not familiar with AUFS, though I did look it up. Lack of room to download on a Linux host PC would be something outside of the control of the web site providing the download. I am guessing this is some quirk of the AUFS itself, e.g., it is a union filesystem of some time, perhaps it lacks enough RAM since RAM is in some way related to the underlying hard drive content itself.

FYI, I would also suggest Ubuntu 18.04, not 16.04. If this is related to AUFS, then perhaps a newer driver from a newer Ubuntu would help. Either way the 18.04 is the release recommended for flashing from.

Is there any way you can try with Ubuntu 18.04, or else with an ext4 filesystem instead of AUFS?

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