No camera from SHIELD TABLET Open Source + Binary Driver Release


I recently built an android image by following;a=blob_plain;f=README;hb=rel-st8-l-r6-partner.

I used wx_na_wf-userdebug for my wifi only tablet.

But, I found the below error messages from logcat and I am not able to use the camera.

I/CameraService(  198): CameraService started (pid=198)
E/HAL     (  198): load: module=/vendor/lib/hw/
E/HAL     (  198): dlopen failed: library "" not found
E/CameraService(  198): Could not load camera HAL module

Please note that I ran ./ as explained in the instruction.
I think that is missing for some reason.

Is this intentionally missing from nvidia?


I have the same issue. Some camera stuff seems to be included in the build, but when I try to run my app that uses the android camera api, the tablet doesn’t seem to recognize any of the cameras and seems to think there are none. How are they included in the configuration and build?

As it seems that no nvidia engineers follow any of the forums and most questions are eventually answered by the person who had the problem, I have figured out what shared libraries are missing and got the camera to work. However, it doesn’t work nearly as well as the stock image. I’m trying to scan barcodes with zxing and the stock image works great and scans super fast. The source provided by nvidia takes several seconds for the barcode to be recognized. This isn’t acceptable for our application.

In case anyone is interested the missing files are:,,,,,,, These need to be added to /vendor/tegra/core/ and /vendor/nvidia/tegra/prebuilt/shieldtablet/ Some of them were not included in the proprietary binaries and I had to steal them from the stock image and some just weren’t included in the build.

And if any nvidia engineers are out there, will you PLEASE respond and make sure nothing else is missing so the camera will work as well as the stock image!!!