No change in SDK checksums

When comparing the MD5 checksums for downloaded packages and other installation media, there is no difference between v5.0.5.0a and the current v5.0.5.0b(3). I’m looking at the driveinstall.json.

Dear benjamin-b,

I compared the MD5 md5sum v5.0.5.0a vs v5.0.5.0b, it is different. Please see below. Thanks.


Hi Steve,

Firstly, thanks for your response. In the release notes for v5.0.5.0b(3) the only difference since is “Coverage for Maxim Max96799 GMSL aggregator revision update on some DRIVE PX 2 AutoChauffeur boards”. As the boards in question are partially controlled by the aurix controller, this would likely require an update to the aurix firmware and/or the files that are used to flash it. However, the foundations sdk that provides them is the same (again, see driveinstall.json), and so is the zip where they’re found in the install dir (DriveSDK/drive-t186ref-foundation/utils/scripts/ I’m wondering how the appropriate changes in the codebase/SDK/extra tools have happened in this specific release (i.e., since, as it seems that they are the same.


Dear benjamin-b,

In there is a new file “” while in the similar file is “” – these will have different checksums. Everything else is 100% the same. Thanks.