No compatible driver available for CUDA 11.1 with Quadro cards on Windows Server ?!

From the CUDA 11.1 Online Documentation, CUDA 11.1 requires driver versions to be at least >=456.38.
However, there is no such driver for Quadro/Tesla boards for Windows Server 2012-2016-2019 available on the website.

Is there any release data/plan to support Microsoft Windows Server for NVIDIA Quadro & Tesla boards with CUDA 11.1 ?

Ok it seems NVIDIA have just released a driver which seems compatible with CUDA 11.1 :

Thank you to whoever ;-)

By way of general observation: As a user of Quadro GPUs for the better part of two decades, it seems the release of drivers for these lags driver releases for consumer cards occasionally, presumably (speculation!) because they require additional functionality to be tested that is not available with consumer GPUs.

Given the premium charged for Quadros I would want NVIDIA to take extra care and put emphasis on driver quality over release speed.

@njuffa Agreed but I have still spent a crazy amount of time porting code and compilation pipeline for my software just to end up not being able to use the Quadros on Windows Server despite the fact it is clearly stipulated in the CUDA 11.1 documentation that it is supported :’(