No Confirmation E mail received for PVF Educational Program

I signed up for the Free PVF Educational Program and have not received a confirmation email with instructions on how to generate a license.
Thank you for your assistance.

Due to US export restrictions, all orders for PGI products must be checked for compliance. PGI endeavors to process all orders with 2 business day, but on occasion that time frame may be extended.

PGI Sales

Still waiting for the confirmation email. Is there someone I can contact to follow-up.
Thanks, Mike

Confirmation sent 10:07 AM PDT 8/26/08 to the email address listed on you account. Please verify that your email address is correct and check any spam filters.

PGI Sales

I verified my email address is correct. I checked my email from 8/26 and I have 2 emails from Portland Group: one is an email instructing me to post my questions to this list; the second is an advertisement for PGI Workstation for Mac OS X Discount License Offer. I did not receive an email regarding the Visual Fortran license. There was no emails in my spam folder from Portland Group. Is it possible that the license be re-issued? If not, can I reapply for a license?
Sorry for the problem. Thank you for your assistance.

Hi mkress,

Pat looked into this and found that the original order acknowledgment was sent to you as an email attachment while the other two mails were inlined text. Our thinking is that your network’s spam filter marked the first email as spam due to the attachment.

We have resent the acknowledgment which you should receive soon. If not, please let us know and we’ll try a different method.

  • Mat

Hi Mat, Thanks for the follow-up. I have not recieved it yet. I will keep an eye out for it and let you know when it comes.
Thanks again, Mike

Hi Mike,

Our best guess is that the mail is getting caught in a spam filter somewhere. Maybe because it’s being sent from “” or some string in the acknowledgment.

Whatever the reason, Pat’s working on trying other methods of delivery including alternate sending address or fax. Worst case, there’s always the US postal service.

  • Mat

Hi Mat,
An alternate email address is:
Please let me know if Pat sends it so i know to check it.
Thank you very much, Mike