No Connection from within corporate network

So the Cloud XR Server Client Connection works fine at home or via a hotspot … but with i our corprate wifi there it needs to work it does not !!!

We did already open all port TCP and UDP within our firewall … we also see a TCP connection happening between client and server … but not even a try to send UDP packages … we see some blocks that go to google ip destinations … we are not sure if these are related … is this maybe a try to use google signaling / STUN server … this is just a wild guess since we dont know how the Cloud XR architecture works

Any ideas?

This is what we see from Corporate network … the TCP connection is cancelled after the handshake …
on a mobile hotspot or from home it works and the udp packages start flowing …

From the client logs it seems that RTSP Describe does not work … does this need some additional Ports or firewall settings to be unlocked?

Hi there Stefan,
Did you ever find a solution for this? We are currently facing a potentially similiar issue.

Thank you!