No constructor for cudaExtent?

Hi, I’m doing an algorithm for a medical application and I need to deal with 3D objects. For that reason, I followed the Programming Guide to create a 3D array.

For my surprise, I got an error on the lines regarding cudaExtent:

cudaExtent extent = make_cudaExtent(width * sizeof(float),
height, depth);

“make_cudaExtent” does not exist. I went through the docs and found out that this is supposed to be the constructor of the struct, but Visual Studio didn’t find it, which was weird because, “cudaExtent” was in fact recognized. So I went through the NVIDIA files until I found that the struct lies in 2 files: driver_types.h and cuda_runtime_api.h, but:

In driver_types.h there is no constructor.
In cuda_runtime_api.h there is a constructor but is commented (with the whole structure).

What should I do in order to be able to use the struct?

Thanks a lot in advance!