No cuda capable device is detected

Hello I’m using Windows OS and Geforce 9800GT for my code. I have compiled and run a code. However, whenever I try to run a exe file on the other computer, I get an error message

“no cuda capable device is detected in C:\Users\RETINALOCT2\Desktop\Joe Izatt\OCT Processor\src…/common/gpu_anim.h at line 55”

such path is on the original computer where I compile the file under C:\Users\RETINALOCT2\Desktop\Joe Izatt\OCT Processor\src using nvcc compiler. Why does the execution file asks about a path that does not exist on the other computer which I would like to run the exe file? Is anybody having similar problem? Thank you.

It is not asking for the file. It is merely pointing to the line number in the original file that raised the error.