NO CUDA FOR GForce 780 Ti !?!

Hello all

i bough a G-Force 780 Ti and what a Bad surprise, it’s not listed in the CUDA GPU page ! ?? I use it mainly for videos (in davinci resolve) so i am a bit disappointed i must say…

When i try to install the CUDA 5.5 drivers it’s says that “no compatible hardware” or something like that…

DO you guys if there’s a workaround or something?

Thanks for your help.

The drivers inside the CUDA Toolkit are only required as long as the toolkit is brandnew. Once official drivers with support for that CUDA version have been released, simply install these and skip the driver installation of the CUDA Toolkit.
If you do not use CUDA for development there isn’t even a need to install the CUDA Toolkit.

Search your driver on the download page
and look at the release highlights which lists the supported CUDA version.

Hello thanks for your answer.

DO you mean installing the 332.21 drivers are enough to exploit CUDA on my card ? i don’t develop on CUDA AT ALL. I just tough that i need to install CUDA 5.5 to have CUDA activated under davinci resolve.

DO you confirm that installing the last nvidia drivers are enough to have CUDA activated ?

thanks for your help and sorry if my question is stupid :)

ok my question was stupid. Sorry, i have CUDA up and running perfectly under resolve. Thanks for your help.