No data using Deepstream-app using sink option 6 for msg broker/conv

I have been able to run deepstream test4 app to show working msg broker for amqp. When I try and use sink 6 within the main deepstream-app it runs but no data is shown with the broker.

Sink settings:

Broker config settings:
password = guest
hostname = localhost
username = guest
port = 5672
exchange = test2
topic = topicname

Message conv config:

Am I missing something? These are the same settings that work with test app 4. Thanks for your help

deepstream-app does not support message broker, you can try test5.

i use test5-app

sudo rabbitmqctl list_queues
Listing queues
myqueue	3505

the app turly send the message, but how can i debug the msgbrokcer?
i add some code in gstnvmsgbroker.c

  GST_DEBUG_OBJECT(self,"start send data");
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (self, "connStr is :%s" ,self->connStr);
    GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (self, "config File is :%s" ,self->configFile);

i have make the file and make install
but there is no output. can you help me ?

Please follow test4 README to enable logging

  1. Enable logging:
    Go through the README to setup & enable logs for the messaging libraries(kafka, azure, amqp)
    $ cat …/…/…/tools/nvds_logger/README

or you can run with GST_DEBUG=5 when run sample putting at the beginnining of your command to get more
debug log.

What changes can I make on deepstream-app to support messaging using amqp. I want to send a string.

you can refer test4 app code.

Is this still not supported? I am having the same problems

When will it be supported?

You can refer to test5 sample, which builds on top of the deepstream-app sample to demonstrate how to:

  • Use “nvmsgconv” and “nvmsgbroker” plugins in the pipeline.
  • Create NVDS_META_EVENT_MSG type of meta and attach to buffer.
  • Use NVDS_META_EVENT_MSG for different types of objects e.g. vehicle, person etc.
  • Provide copy / free functions if meta data is extended through “extMsg” field.

I have used this and tried to integrate this pipeline to the YoloV3 Source. Kafka broker seems to start and send message but they dont reach my topic.

I have already opened a topic with the exact problem. Could you have a look at it?

This is my problem-topic: