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Dear OpenCL community,

I installed the last OpenCL SDK [1] and I decided to use it in c++ builder 6.0. The big surprise is that I dont obtain any device ( I get a NULL value in aDevices pointer, see the code below). In a previous release [2] everything was working alright in c++ builder 6.0.

clGetContextInfo(hContext, CL_CONTEXT_DEVICES,nContextDescriptorSize, aDevices, 0);

cl_uint uiNumDevices = (cl_uint)nContextDescriptorSize/sizeof(cl_device_id);

I notice that the libOpenCL32.dll library doesnt exist anymore in the new release [1]. What is wrong?. Someone may suggest any idea why this is happening?

Best regards.

Note: I did a COFF2OMF conversion to the Lib files and few changes in the code to support c++ builder 6.0 in both releases (the same changes in both of them).



[2] NVcomputesdk_opencl_1.0_conformant_winxp_32.exe

I believe it’s related to this…

But I don’t hold the answer.

Thanks Talonman, I installed the last drivers (195.62 for notebook) and now I obtain 3 devices. When I try to get the devices information (clGetDeviceInfo) the program crash :(. If I dont use clGetDeviceInfo, clGetProgramBuildInfo return CL_INVALID_DEVICE for all the 3 devices. So… bald or three wigs? (what’s dilemma!!) :)

Can you tell me the date and size of your OpenCL.dll file?

BTW the software with the first opencl version now doesnt work… :(

Someone with the same problem?.


I don’t have OpenCL installed, nor am I a programmer…

Just love reading about GPU accelerated apps in general.