No devices were found on Ubuntu wiht A100 40GB


I’m try to use A100 40GB with some specific system it’s called nuvo-8208gc.
I know it is not on qulified list.
Anyway, I heard the other company already use it with A100 80GB.
But I’ve got problem with using Graphic Card.

I’ve installed several version of nvidia-drivers on Ubuntu System.
and there is No devices were found every version when I check nvidia-smi.

So, I checked kernel log. There are some error messages on dmesg.
Nuvo_8208_A100_dmesg.txt (88.7 KB)

And Display device is read like follows :

Please let me know, I can try what to do?

Hello sumin.lee,

Looking at the dmesg there seems to be a problem with the BAR initialization. That is very likely related to wrong settings in the system BIOS. If that is configured specifically for RTX30 cards as it is stated on the product pages, it will not account for the significantly different memory setup of the A100 cards. In the system BIOS look for something like “Above 4G decoding” or “large/64bit BARs” and if at all possible ask from Neousys support for advice on this.

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