No display on HDMI (USB power related)

I just wanted to provide a solution in case anbody runs into this issue. I have a keyboard, a Unicomp Model M clone (P/N UA40P4A), that apparently draws so much power over USB that the HDMI no longer connects to any display. At first i got what can best be described as “sparkles” on the screen, and then it failed to connect entirely.

Before deciding to RMA your Nano, you might try unplugging any USB devices, even keyboards and mice. If you have alternative access to the machine (Ssh, serial) you can check whether this is indeed the cause by running “journalctl”, typing in “/gdm”, pressing enter, and looking for errors related to ACPI.

The joy of externally powered USB HUBs is underrated. :)

Yeah. Problem is I’ve never found a good one. The last one I bought on Amazon would shock me when touching it’s aluminum housing (the old version of this thing) and the one before that half the ports were broken. My luck with USB hubs is about as bad as with power supplies. SO much junk out there.

If you have any recommendations for a good USB-3 hub that won’t fry me or my devices, i’d very much appreciate it :) Edit: preferably 10gbps with some type C ports.

I have one USB3 powered HUB which works quite well, but I don’t know manufacturer (it is generic) or model. I also do not know if it is just USB3 gen. 1 or gen. 2 (I suspect it is gen. 1).

I find a lot of “junk” models as you do if ordering over Amazon. I tend to use NewEgg for these items because I can get more information. I’d then have to look close to see if it uses individual transaction translaters (“multi-TT”) as opposed to forcing everything on the HUB to slow to the speed of the slowest device. Most often cheap knock offs and low cost HUBs do this, but being expensive does not necessarily mean it is multi-TT. Even if you do not buy at NewEgg I find this a good initial search for models and brands.