No display on Monitor after installing new Teslak40 in System.

I have installed Teslak40 in my system. there is no display in monitor.

MotherBoard: ASUSp9D
OS : windows 8.

can anyone help me to solve this?
what could be problem?
way to identify the problem?

Is it a K40c or a K40m ? Meaning, does the K40 have a fan on it, or not?

What is the monitor connected to?

It is very likely a motherboard compatibility problem. Do you have the latest BIOS installed on your ASUSp9D ?

yes, fan is connected to it.

Monitor:TFT LED monitor.

yes,latest BIOS is installed.

PSU: 750 watts.

So the system is not booting? Or is the system booting?

What is the monitor connected to? The motherboard?