No Display out After NVIDIA Boot Logo in custom carrier board

We are facing no HDMI Display out after NVIDIA Boot Logo with Xavier NX Module and Custom Carrier Board.

This contents is a follow-up issue from the next link.

We’ve fixed minor connection issue on HDMI circuit.
And then we can see the NVIDIA boot logo on the screen.
But, there is no display out after boot logo.

I compared the boot log from custom carrier board and Dev Kit carrier board.
There is some different about carrier board’s EEPROM(0x57).

There is each boot log from Debug UART.
210726_NX_emmc_custom_carrier_board.log (94.3 KB)
210727_NX_emmc_devkit_carrierboard.log (28.9 KB)

Does it issue come from this EEPROM detection problem?

No, nothing to do with the eeprom. That eeprom is the carrier board eeprom, which is not needed for custom board.

This still sounds like hardware issue. Please check if your pin is really reversed between the lane 0 and lane 2.


Ok, I see.
And I want to check one more thing as follow.

What’s meaning these lines?

First, you have to understand that what you are reading now is the bootlaoder log. But your error happens in kernel, they are not related to each other and shall not affect each other.

Second, p3509 is the id of devkit carrier board. Your custom board is not p3509, so some setting for the p3509 will not appear. They are not related to your issue either.

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