No display output :: Ubuntu 16.04ls with GTX-1080 ti


I recently purchased a GTX-1080 ti for a new ubuntu box running a fresh install of 16.04ls.

I have spent a half day trying to install the right driver for the card. The Nvidia driver selection tool (link below) has pointed me to the nvidia-384 driver which I installed using the normal Deb method (apt install etc…). As far as I can tell the drivers successfully install but when I plug the card into the motherboard I receive no display output from either the card or the motherboard display ports. All display outputs seem not to be sending a signal whenever the card is installed.

I have previously used Deb methods to successfully install a GTX-760 and a GTX-1070 card into a ubuntu 14.04ls box so I’m puzzled by this lack of success.

A sincere thanks in advance for some help - I would appreciate someone point in the right direction here. Please note that Deb install methods are strongly preferred over any other method. Have seen a few old blog posts that run through Deb methods but haven’t found one that actually works.

NOTE: link to the driver selection tool by nvidia mentioned earlier