No Display Signal on boot - nVidia Tesla

Hello Forum,
the display gets no signal (not even bootscreen) when using the tesla. The problem occurs occasionally but will not go away with reboots only. The pc starts normally otherwise and is fully usable over SSH without an graphical interface. The display and cable are functional as tested with a different graphics card in the same tower.
The PC a Lenovo D20 workstation is officially compatible with the Tesla and has worked most of the time previously.
There is no second gpu connected at the same time.
The system used are Windows 7 x64 and ArchLinux x64 in dualboot. The linux graphics driver is the nVidia 420xx driver. The problem most often occurs after kernel / graphics driver updates. Are there modifyable codes on the gpu? Can these be reset?
I am thankful for any help provided. Have similar problems been reported before?