No Display When using KVM To Monitor

I have a machine with Ubuntu 18.04 with a Nvidia card in it and am attempting to connect it to a monitor through a HDMI KVM. When the machine powers on I see the normal BIOs screens and the Ubuntu loading splash screen, but once it gets past that nothing is displayed on the monitor. When connecting directly to the monitor everything seems to work and I get the normal login screen and can use the machine as normal.

I assume that the problem has something to do with the negotiation process between the nvidia driver and the monitor but I have no idea where to even start looking. Are there any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this? I’ve included bug reports for when plugged into the monitor directly and then again when plugged into the KVM if this is helpful.nvidia-bug-report_notworking_through_kvm.log.gz (339.4 KB) nvidia-bug-report_working_direct_to_monitor.log.gz (322.0 KB)

Can you provide a log from a boot with the KVM switch connected?

@generix I’ve attached two logs, one created by running from /etc/rc.local on boot and one from ssh’ing into the machine after boot in case there is an issue with running the script from rc.local. Both logs were collected with the machine connected to the KVM and the KVM to the monitor the entire time.
Thanks for the help!
nvidia-bug-report-boot-with-kvm.gz (277.0 KB)
nvidia-bug-report-boot-with-kvm-after-ssh-in.gz (311.9 KB)

There’s no visible difference in the logs when running directly connected or via KVM, seems to be an incompatibility between driver and switch. What brand/model is this? Are there any other converters involved?

Is there a list of tested KVMs somewhere that I could reference?

I guess the kvm switch is just crap. The monitor is hdmi 2.0, 4k@60, the switch only hdmi 1.4, 4k@30 but it announces the monitor’s hdmi 2.0.
Maybe you can make it work by connecting the monitor directly, switching to a low res or refresh rate, then connect the kvm.

Good to know!
I think I’ll just return and try another switch.

Thanks for the help!