No 'doc' RPM in cuDNN repository for RHEL

First time using cuDNN libraries. Have a RHEL7 platform with Satellite server.

Used this link for accessing and setting up our repository:

Within the repo are “libcudnn7*” RPMs and “libcudnn7-devel” RPMs in support of various CUDA versions. But there are no “libcudnn7-doc” RPMs.

But if not acquiring the cuDNN libs from a repo, but downloading manually from:
there are “doc” RPMs.

Is there a reason for this difference?


There is a time lag between network repo and final release documentation readiness (network gets created 1 week earlier) hence its not packaged.
Request you to download from the site.


Thank you. OK. So it’s not an oversight, it just works that way. And if we want the “doc” RPM for some given cuDNN release, we’ll always have to download it

Yes, if you want any doc rpm/deb for give cuDNN release, request you to download from the cuDNN download link.