No documentation on using infer_request proto?

I am building a java client for Tensorrt inference server.
All the example given are using infer_context which is supported in python and c++ libraries.
There is no protobuf file for infer_context. The protobuf that is shared in the repository is infer_request.proto. And there is no proper documentation to use infer_request.proto
Also there is no good documentation to use Rest APIs as well.
Can someone please help me in passing the right inputs and header for InferRequest?

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“infer_context” is a C++ or python class/object that is documented in the API section of the documentation. Or you can look in request.h or init.

The protobuf file that defines the GRPC interface is:

There is documentation in that protobuf file and you should follow standard GRPC documentation on how to compile that file into a client implementation. We show python example here:
and go example here:

@David Goodwin Thanks for the update.
I was able to create the Java client.