No Drive IX Installation Directory

Hardware Platform: DRIVE AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit
Software Version: DRIVE Software 10
Host Machine Version: native Ubuntu 18.04
SDK Manager Version:


I want to test the Drive IX Gaze Detection System and have a minimal bench setup with of the Drive AGX Xavier with the camera and the RTC and Ethernet module connected. I successfully flashed the Drive Software 10 with the host system.

The documentation states that the Drive IX Software, camera calibration and examples can be found on the target at the following location: /usr/local/driveix-<version> but there is no driveix* directory on my target system at the /usr/local/ path and I can’t find it anywhere else on the system.

Am I missing something?

Thanks, Fabian

Dear @fabian.h,
Could you check in Tegra B( To know the individual components installed on each Tegra, please check page 5 in DRIVE SW 10 release notes at

Thanks, found it on Tegra B.