No DVDD_CAM_IO_1V8 power on the carrier board

I have developed my own design of the camera board with the imx290 sensor which works perfectly on the board 699-82597-0000-501.
When using colorado engineering tx1 carrier board I get a problem, there is no power DVDD_CAM_IO_1V8.
I checked the circuit, it looks like they are the same. Power is supplied provided the signal CAM_VDD_1V8_EN with TCA9539PWR. I checked the power supply of the TCA9539PWR, the i2c signal, everything is fine. The configuration of the resistors that determine the address of TCA9539 is also the same on both boards.
I use the same TX2 module and camera module, without changing the software or anything else. Only different boards. I assumed that there might be a difference in the loaded modules when using another board so I compared the output of dmesg, but I don’t see a significant difference there, only the timestamps and sometimes the sequence of lines differ.
I attach dmesg files.dmesg_carier (59.4 KB)
dmesg_dev (59.4 KB)

Can anyone tell me what I need to change to get a DVDD_CAM_IO_1V8 on a colorado engineering tx1 carrier board?

Any comment for this topic?


Please check with board vendor (colorado?) first.