No files found in payloads - Clara Deploy and DICOM server

Hello Everyone,

We are using Claradeploy and have created our own workflow with our own model. However when we trigger the workflow with our model, I see the below message when I issue the command to get the logs of dicom server

sudo kubectl logs clara-clara-platform -xxxxxxxxxx dicom-server

The below message is what I see. My log doesn’t proceed beyond this.

No files found in payloads/jobid/dicom-writer/output

Please note that our model was packaged successfully. When we did unit testing (, it worked fine. However when we use that in E2E flow, it doesn’t complete the end to end process. Due to which I am not able to see the output in Orthanc (PACS server)

I was able to see this log message in Clara demo models as well (v_net) but it immediately picks the file after a dealy of 1 or 2 seconds. But in our case, it is just waiting. Am not sure what is the issue here?

Our model container is also empty. So does this mean our model isn’t working fine? Under what circumstances can model fail in E2E workflow?

Can any of you help us?


We managed to fix this issue by checking for logs in respective container. We found out that our model container failed with an error resulting in empty output, there were no files for dicom-writer to write it as dicom.