No GPU usage for GT640 in nvidia-smi

I have 310.19 driver installed and GT640 graphics card. With command “nvidia-smi -a”, for GPU usage it is shown “N/A”. In fact, for the most of output there it is “N/A”. Anyone else have this problem? Please fix this Nvidia. :)

It’s the same question I asked in this thread :

Basically, nVidia removed the profiling capabilities for Geforce cards in their current Linux drivers and forces users to use/buy a Quadro card.

In my opinion this is a bad step, they really should support the Linux gaming developers/gamers with drivers and tools to find the current bottlenecks of their programs. Linux is all about openness, nVidia should really go the way of supporting the community with more information. I don’t talk about open source the driver, no, but I talk about giving the community, us, the tools to profile our software with common (gamer) cards. Quadros are not for gaming, Geforces are…

Even on Windows there are simple tools like GPU-Z to show us the GPU/memory load…this would be sufficient for most needs…

They intentionally broke nvidia-smi on non-Quadro cards since 270.26 ( ) back in July 2011 that is.

Nice! :|