No HDMI on Jetson AGX

Hi All –

As of a few days ago a previously functional AGX developer kit has stopped producing HDMI output. I have tried typical layer 1 troubleshooting of swapping monitors and cables. I’ve also tried resetting the device and reinstalling the OS using the sdkmanager. I’m able to get to the prompt where I am to configure the OS on the AGX, but I cannot without video output…so I’m a bit stuck.

I’ve contacted Support and they’ve pointed me here before they’re able to make a judgement on if it is a hardware issue or not.

Any ideas?


Hi edhenry,

You could configure the user account by using the oem-config through UART. Connect the micro usb cable to the uart port of AGX devkit and use /dev/ttyACM0 on your host. It will help configure the user account

After you could login, please share the dmesg with us.

In this log, please try to hotplug the HDMI cable for several times so that we could check what happens in kernel.