No HDMI output

I am running 5.9.0-050900-generic for kernel and 450 drivers from Nvidia, I have image in the built-in screen but when I connect a second screen by hdmi I get the Screen detected but only a black screen, I have Hp Omen 15 with a Ryzen 4800H and 1650ti, please help me, this is driving me crazy.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (362.9 KB)

Please see this:

Ok I will try it.

Sorry to bother but the first step that is to delete the file xorg.conf y do not have it.

Then you don’t need to delete it:)

I run into a couple of problems, first I did not get clear if I had to created the xorg.conf file

I did it any way, after this did I have to restart? I did’t restart.
I run

but only got this

Sorry English is not my first language

Then you need to install glxinfo.
On Ubuntu this is in the mesa-utils package.

Actually, that post contains two different possibilities to configure an AMD/Nvidia combo. You configured both at once, your desired config ended before creating the xorg.conf. Please delete it and forget about the command.
Nevertheless, like Mart said, please install the package that contains glxinfo and after reboot, please run
glxinfo |grep vendor
if done right, it should output something ‘Nvidia’ and the hdmi output should work. If it doesn’t, please create a new nvidia-bug-report.log

I did install it

but sadly there is still only a black screen on the HDMI output :(.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (617.6 KB)

That doesn’t look like you properly rebooted.

Thank you so much I was really afraid of rebooting :) I did not want to install everything to work again, thank you again now I can work with my second monitor without a problem. Merry Christmas.