No HDMI Screen

With a freshly flashed SD card with the Jetbot version, there is no HDMI screen. Nvidia shows at startup and then nothing. Logging in via headless connection using a USB cable, shows that the program is functioning. How do I get the HDMI working. Searches didn’t give any answers. Other flashed SD cards did have HDMI connections. Any help would be appreciated.


same situation at JetRacer, B01 Jetson Nano and waveshare’s Jetbot kit.
Original JetRacer images is for the A02 version Jetson Nano devkit.

TO fix that, I used updated Jetpack version.

I’ve tried the updated version which is based on JetPack 4.3. All the examples worked except the Road Following one. I read somewhere that it worked in the older version, but it won’t show on a HDMI monitor.