No HUD inside app

I’ve used NVIDIA Nsight HUD Launcher when it was released with the same game and it worked just fine, but now with latest VS2017 and HUD 2019.1 I have some problems… It looks like everything fine but on Ctrl+Z HUD invisible now, input blocks (and released on another ctrl+z) but I see nothing in game window. Game is DX9, my system - Win7 x64 GF GTX1080 with 419.35 driver only (no nvidia experience etc)


How can I fix it?


Are you using the latest version of Nsight Visual Studio?

I found a couple of forum threads that might shed some light on your issue.


Yes, as you can see (on img from my first message) I am using latest NVS.
Unfortunately I have to use latest game ready driver instead of recommended one because your link:
419.17-notebook-win8-win7-64bit-international-whql.exe and it’s incompatible with my Win7 x64 system…

Also as I mentioned above - older HUD versions works fine with the same DX9 game (BF2).

Unfortunately, DX9 is no longer supported in NsightVSE, as noted in the 2019.1 Release Notes for the Graphics Debugger:

DX9 support was also removed from Nsight Graphics.

So what I can use now for DX9?
What version support it and where I can download it?
What alternatives we have for today for DX9?

NsightVSE version 6.0 (release Sept 2018) still had DX9 support

Nope 6.0 doesn’t work but 5.6 working.