No IPA information, PGCC-F-0000-Internal compiler error

I was using pgc++ to link object files:

pgc++ -Mcudax86 -O2 -g -lz -lm -fast -Mipa=fast,inline,libc -Msmartalloc foo.o foo2.o ...

And it showed such message:

The following function(s) are called, but no IPA information is available:
gzclose, gzerror, gzeof, gzread, gzopen, sem_wait, sem_post, sem_init
Linking without IPA

Then I added -Mipa=safe:gzclose,…:

pgc++ -Mcudax86 -O2 -g -lz -lm  -fast -Mipa=fast,inline,libc -Msmartalloc -Mipa=safe:gzclose,safe:gzeof,safe:gzread,safe:gzerror,safe:gzopen,safe:sem_wait,safe:sem_post,safe:sem_init  foo.o foo2.o ...

And it showed this error message:

IPA: Recompiling cudamain.o: new IPA information
NOTE: your trial license will expire in 5 days, 8.05 hours.
PGCC-F-0000-Internal compiler error. Missing Cuda stub, sptr:     6666 (: 4042)
PGCC/x86 Linux 15.3-0: compilation aborted
child process exit status 2: /opt/pgi/linux86-64/15.3/bin/pgc++
make: *** [foo] Error 2

Could you have a look? Thanks.

Hi Timnth,

Can you please post or send a reproducing example to PGI Customer Service (