I am trying to follow the instructions on the developer guide for “Flashing to an SD Card” given the script has continued to hang for me.

However, the script it refers to that should be in Linux_for_Tegra is not present – Please advise on where to find this and also, how to verify that I have a B01 module.

“Linux_for_Tegra/” is a subdirectory, and “” exists in that subdirectory. If you have installed host side JetPack/SDK Manager, go to “~/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/”. From there there are JetPack directories named after the particular board. Assuming JetPack4.3, look at:

~/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/JetPack_4.3_Linux_<designation for nano>/Linux_for_Tegra/

I have not used “”, so I can’t really answer anything about it. If you want to see which JetPack/SDK Manager releases are available, then go here (you may need to go there, log in, and then go there again if redirect fails):

JetPack4.3 installs L4T R32.3.1 and is the most recent (this is recommended).

Correct, I know where is and have tried to use it - but it fails during flashing.

For this reason I wanted to try using the image disk creator script documented on the Nvidia site. I do not see it in the installed directories.

I have not used with an SD card so I have no way to suggest what is incorrect for the specific command :( However, I suspect it is in the “Linux_for_Tegra/” directory if you have started SDK Manager and told it to set up for a Nano flash. Much of the content in “~/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/” is generated by the SDKM once you run it with the correct component. Perhaps SDKM just has not been told about the correct component.

the script it refers to that should be in Linux_for_Tegra is not present –

It’s in .../Linux_for_Tegra/tools/

After running, you can take the output and use etcher (or whatever) to burn sd card images that should work correctly on any number of Nanos.

If you have a production nano (the expensive one) and want to flash directly, you’ll need to use